If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease your periodontist may recommend periodontal surgery. Periodontal surgery is necessary when your periodontist determines that the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and can not be repaired with nonsurgical treatment. The following are six types of surgical treatments most commonly prescribed.

Please click on the hyperlinks to the consumer side of the American Academy of Periodontology's website for more information on each:

  1. Pocket reduction procedures

  2. Regenerative procedures

  3. Crown lengthening

  4. Soft tissue grafts
  5. -Long teeth and exposed roots can be a powerful source of embarrassment, as well as a risk to the long term health of the affected teeth. Soft tissue grafting can present a solution.

  6. Elimination of a "gummy smile"

For more information, view our patient education videos by clicking the image below:

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